Map of Portland

Our parish map of Portland is designed to show you the location of key towns, rivers and roads, as well as the coastline and bays. We hope you find this map useful for planning your holiday to Portland or as useful research for your geography or history project.

Map of Portland

The Parish of Portland is Jamaica's seventh largest parish and is located on the north east coast of Jamaica and includes the stunning Blue Mountains and beautiful white sandy beaches. The Blue Mountain range reaches 7,402 feet (2,256m) and has one of the steepest decents in the world to sea level.

Portland's stunning coastline is covered with intriguing caves, picturesque waterfalls and beautiful bays. There are also a network of 17 rivers winding their way through the countryside.

Portland is one of Jamaica's leading tourist destination and is well worth considering for your holiday. It is also a playground for the rich and famous, with many stunning properties in this area.

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