Map of Manchester

Below is a map of the Manchester parish of Jamaica. This map is designed to show you the location of towns and roads around the Manchester area. This map is useful for planning travel itineraries, for your holiday or as research for your school project.

Map of Manchester

Located in south central Jamaica and in the county of Middlesex is Manchester. Formed in 1814 from an amalgamation of Clarendon, St. Elizabeth and Vere, the parish of Manchester is one of the newest parishes in Jamaica. Its capital, Mandeville, has long been a business centre for both the tourist and mining trades.

The May Day Mountains, Carpenters Mountains and the Don Figuerero Mountains make up this parishes three mountain ranges with the Carpenters Mountains being the highest at 840 metres (2,770ft) above sea level.

There are a number of key attraction in Manchester including the Bloomfield Great House, Marshalls Pen Great House, Coffee and chocolate factory tours and Sunny Lodge - an arts and craft workshop.

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