Map of Hanover

This map of Hanover shows the provincial divide, towns and capital - Lucea - located within the county of Cornwall. You can use this map as research for your school project or to research your holiday in Jamaica and decide on places to visit and hotels to stay in.

Map of Hanover

Located on the north west of Jamaica and forming part of the county of Cornwall is the Hanover parish. Hanover is the second smallest parish on Jamaica and was formed on 12 November 1723 when it was named after the King of England - George I - from the House Of Hanover. Its capital, Lucea, in the 18th century was a busy port exporting sugar around the world. Its prosperous past can still be seen today in its fully functioning clock tower which was originally built in 1817.

There are a number of bays and coves along its rugged shoreline, as well as three small waterfalls further inland.

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