Map of Clarendon

This is a map of Clarendon, a county in Jamaica, showing the provincial divide, towns, cities and capitals located within the county. This map shows some of the major cities in the Clarendon region, you can use this map to research your holiday in Jamaica and decide on places to visit and hotels to stay in.

Located in the county of Middlesex on the south central coast of Jamaica is the parish of Clarendon. As displayed on the map of Clarendon, it's capital is May Pen which is located on Jamaica's longest river - the Rio Minho. May Pen has a population of 60,000 - or 82,000 if you include its suburbs of Denbigh, Four Paths, Denbigh, Mineral Heights, Palmers Cross and Sandy Bay. The overall population of Clarendon is in the region of 215,500.

Map of Clarendon

Clarendon was named after the Earl Of Clarendon - Sir Edward Hyde - who was the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain from 1658 to 1667 and grandfather of two English Queens, Queen and Anne Mary 2. Previous to the English a large number of Spaniards settled in what they called the Savannahs, or Southern Grassland Plains, and before them were the Tainos whos settlements could be found on the Rio Minho River and near Portland Cottage.

Clarendon, Jamaica's third largest parish, covers an area of 1,195 square kilometers and includes Mocho Mountain, Bull Head Mountain range and the Rio Minho River. Jackson Bay beach is also located in Clarendon along with Portland Point, home of the Portland Point Lighthouse.

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