Large Political Map of Jamaica

The political map of Jamaica is a perfect source of information if you are looking for a great method of planning your trips to this country. Useful for locating sightseeing objectives, finding a good hotel or for using as a travel planer when renting a vehicle from a car hire service, the political map of Jamaica is carefully drawn to accurately represent all of Jamaica’s lands and major cities. The map of Jamaica is colour coded to make land identification easier.

Political Map of Jamaica

Jamaica is divided in to three counties and each county is divided in to parishes. The Map Of Jamaica Political map is colour coded by parish. Each parish within Jamaica has its own capital. The breakdown of these is as follows:

Cornwall County includes five parishes. As you can see by the political map of Jamaica, Saint Elizabeth is its largest parish covering approx. 1,200 square kilometres and with a population of just over 146,500. The capital of Saint Elizabeth is Black River and Port Elizabeth's main industry is mining. Trelawny is the second largest parish in Cornwall with a population of 73,000 and measuring 875 square kilometres. It's capital is aptly named Falmouth and is mainly agricultural. Saint James is the third largest and has Montego Bay as its capital. It has a larger population - due to Montego Bay - of around 175,000 and covers 595 square kilometres. Montego Bay is a major hub for cruise ships and it has its own airport. Westmoreland has a land area of 807 square kilometres and including its capital of Savanna-la-Mar has a population of 139,000. Covering just over 450 square kilometres, Hanover is the smallest parish in Cornwall. It has a population of just over 67,000 and its capital is Lucea. Hanover's main attractions are its waterfalls - Paradise, Dry Hill and Kempshot.

Middlesex County is the central county of Jamaica and also has five parishes. Including its capital, May Pen, Clarendon has a population of around 237,000 and covers 1,195 square km. Its main industry is bauxite mining. Saint Ann and Saint Catherine both cover a similar area of around 1,200 square kilometres each though St Catherine's population is three times that of its neighbour at 483,000. This is mainly due to its capital - Spanish Town - the original capital of Jamaica. Manchester - and its capital is Mandeville - are a major business centre and has a population of 186,000. Saint Mary is one of Jamaica's smallest parishes at just 610 square kilometres and with a population of 112,000. Port Maria is its capital.

Surrey County is the smallest of the three counties that make up Jamaica. Surrey county includes the parishes of Kingstone, Portland, Saint Andrew and Saint Thomas. Kingstone is by far the most densely populated parish in Jamaica with a population of over 96,000 residents in an area covering only 22 square kilometres. Saint Andrew is the neighbouring parish to Kingstone and has the second largest population of 556,000 people to 431 square kilometres. Kingstone is the political and administrative centre of Jamaica.

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