Large Physical Map of Jamaica

The physical map of Jamaica is a great way to understand the variety of the Jamaican landscape. If you are a traveller in search of a great adventure or if you just want to visit the great tourist Jamaica has to offer, this physical map of Jamaica helps you plan your trip and choose the best hotel. Depending on your destination, you can calculate the cost of your travel insurance.

Physical Map of Jamaica

Jamaica forms part of the Greater Antilles group of islands. The Greater Antilles were formed millions of years ago when a number of volcanoes rose from the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica's crust is mainly made up of limestone. The highest point of the island is Blue Mountain Peak which is at the centre of the Blue Mountain region. As you can see on the physical map of Jamaica, Blue Mountain Peak is on the east of the island and reaches 7,402 feet (2,256m) above sea level. From the coast to the highest peak is around 10 miles (16km)making it one of the steepest gradients in the world.

In the centre of the island are the Dry Harbour Mountains and the Manchester Plateau. These are make as the beige area on the centre of the map of Jamaica.

The north coastline of Jamaica is mainly rugged with small inlets. There is a small stretch of this coast that offers white sandy beaches but you need to head for the south west coastline for the largest expanse of beach.

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